COOK × SNKRDUNK × atmos Special Collaboration Art Exhibition 2021

「COOK × SNKRDUNK × atmos Special Collaboration Art Exhibition 2021」を開催。

PROPS managementのディレクションの元、大阪のグラフィティアーティスト「COOK」によるエキシビションが実現。COOKが打ち出すCOOKちゃんシリーズとスニーカーショップとのコラボを記念してスニーカーの要素を取り入れ表現したコラボ作品を展示致します。様々な表情と思い入れのあるスニーカーをインスパイアしたアートワークをお楽しみください。また「スニーカー買うならスニダン」でお馴染みの「SNKRDUNK」も同時参加となっており、アートとスニーカーの融合を実現したスペシャルコラボレーションとなっております。


2021年6月25日(金)から6月27日(日) より蔵人心斎橋ビル1Fにて、 2021年7月2日(金)から7月4日(日)よりatmos 原宿店にての期間限定開催となります。





he triple collaboration project “COOK x SNKRDUNK x atmos Special Collaboration Art Exhibition 2021” from atmos is available on this month and July.

Under the direction of PROPS management, an exhibition by Osaka graffiti artist “COOK” has been realized. In commemoration of the collaboration between the “COOK-chan” series launched by COOK and the sneaker shop, we will exhibit collaborative works that incorporate and express the elements of sneakers. You can enjoy artwork inspired by sneakers with various expressions and feelings. In addition, “SNKRDUNK” is also participating at the same time, making it a special collaboration that realizes the fusion of art and sneakers.

This project is an exhibition that crosses the two cities of Osaka and Tokyo, and collaboration T-shirts will be sold only at the venue. Venue-limited designs for Osaka and Tokyo are also available. In addition, collaboration socks and rain covers for “atmos x SNKRDUNK” by the sneaker care brand “Avic” will be available. In addition, we are planning a special project by SNKRDUNK only for those who purchased it. Please take this opportunity to visit us.

From June 25th (Friday) to June 27th (Sunday), 2021 at Kurodo Shinsaibashi Building 1F, from July 2nd (Friday) to July 4th (Sunday), 2021 at atmos Harajuku store It will be held for a limited time.

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