PROPS management Presents “FRONT OF WALL” 2021.3/12-21


私も参画してるPROPS managementではこれからもアーティストコラボしたイベントやアイテムを創造していきますので、楽しみにしていてください🤤✨


PROPS management がキュレーションを務めるアートイベント、参加者は全員ストリートアートシーンを牽引するアーティスト。

参加アーティストCOOK、彫 渉、WOOD、ESSUの4名によるエキシビション。




“目の前の壁”をテーマに各アーティストが今を描く企画、「FRONT OF WALL」。

“PROPS management Presents” FRONT OF WALL “” will be held at atmos Sendagaya from 3/13 (SAT).

This event curated by PROPS management, all participants are artists who lead the street art scene.
It goes without saying that the differences in culture, musicality, and lifestyle that we have touched on will make a big difference in each current environment and message, but it will occur neither productively nor commercially, and we will overcome various barriers and draw.
I paid attention to their style that they continued.

An exhibition by four participating artists, COOK, WATARU HORI, WOOD and ESSU. The newly drawn work for this time is a unique finish that has caused a chemical reaction of street culture, such as canvas art, skate decks, sneakers, etc., which incorporates elements unique to atmos.

This event will be on sale for a limited time from 3/12 (FRI) to 3/21 (SUN), including exhibitions. In addition.

What do they see and think in their respective eyes now? “FRONT OF WALL” is a project in which each artist draws the present with the theme of “the wall in front of you”. Please enjoy it.


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